Driver's license

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Driver's license

We offer lessons in english. Contact us for registration, information and to schedule courses and driving lessons.
You can see our prices and offers here.
Before taking the theory exam, we advise you to prepare for your theory exam here.

Our services

  • Car/van with manual gearbox(B)
  • Car/van with automatic transmission (B)
  • Car/van with trailer (BE/B96)
  • Trafikalt grunnkurs (TG)
  • Moped (AM146)

Contact information

DEN Trafikkskolen
Phone: 928 32 079, or book your lesson in our bookingcalender.

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Trafikalt grunnkurs (Trafikalt grunnkurs)

9. oktober / sagmyra 27 / 1 500,00

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